Friday, 8 October 2010


S.P.A.Y.E.D. Musical band consisted of.

The Sub-Comandante H.
SS (1987-2007)
Cecile (1983-2010?)

We, The people behind this are by no means associated with S.P.A.Y.E.D. and by no means we try to disrespect by exposing S.P.A.Y.E.D. Material.
We, Accept unconditionally, The Musical Band S.P.A.Y.E.D. as the Most Important band to ever exist which lived with its own dignity and died by the same.
We, Do not know personally any of the former members of S.P.A.Y.E.D. nor The legendary leader and frontman Cecile.
We Know, That the exposition of Music material of this band was something the band itself (SPAYED) would detest, however we take our own decisions, and we decide to promote the band we admire and relate to.
We, are not related to any so called "Official SPAYED Information Source" such as SPAYEDBAND.ORG
This blog is Not an Official Information Source.